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Integrated Kits And Wire Harnessing

With a dedicated wire harnessing facility, we can deliver build-to-print assemblies and custom integration kits that meet your installation needs.  Providing a one-stop-shop for all electrical and structural components.

  • Laser marked harness assemblies
    • Single end or multiple breakouts
    • No length or breakout limitations
    • Formboards, Jigs, Mockups
    • 100% Inspected and Tested
    • Built to IPC620 standards
  • Coaxial, composite, ethernet, data bus cabling
    • HDMI, USB, RF, Power
  • Electrical-Mech Assemblies
    • Integrated trays, control boxes, wired panels
  • Comprehensive fabrication
    • Equipment racks, doublers, brackets
  • Custom Kitting